This woman’s incredible Halloween makeup ideas are to die for

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The best Halloween makeup ideas often take days to come up with and hours to perfect as you fiddle with fake blood and face paint.


But 21-year-old makeup artist Bonnie Corban, from Sydney, is getting us all excited for Halloween with her incredibly creepy – and well executed – looks.

Alongside working to film her looks for tutorials which she posts to her YouTube, Bonnie uses Instagram as her portfolio – which she’s been working on for around three and a half years now.

But amazingly, Bonnie’s special effects work is all self-taught, despite her being a qualified makeup artist.

She told BuzzFeed that a lot of hard work goes into her looks, with tutorials sometimes taking up to 10 hours to complete.

She said: ‘I’m a perfectionist so I won’t stop until I’m really happy with the look… Sometimes I finish filming at 5am just to get it right.

‘I love blood and gore… I sit in front of the camera and see where it takes me.’

Now, let’s see where her blood and gore takes us…

Here she is as Jeff the Killer


These are AMAZING but creepy AF


Can you believe these pictures are unedited?

Check out this awesome zombie look…


This doll look is our Halloween inspiration this year


These missing eyes are terrifying


And even more so when in action:


Any lovers of The Purge out there?

This stapled-on face is insanely good


Okay now this one’s got to be our all-time favourite


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